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How Auctions Work

What We Do for Our Clients

“Quality is Not a Goal, Its a Requirement”

The Mouths of the South Auction Company is truly a full service auction company that relies on a reputation built on hard work and  integrity.  We perform turn-key auctions and utilize all our wisdom and knowledge no matter how large or small the sale.  We will be glad to meet and discuss auction possibilities should you be interested in selling property utilizing the public auction method.

Before the Sale

We have several plans related to sale commissions, marketing, advertising and other services based on what you have to sell.  From sorting and boxing typical household items to researching specialized equipment, our experience and knowledge of what we are selling will be of great benefit to you, the Seller.

Whatever plan you choose, you can be assured that we will work hard to market your property and we will get potential bidders; with interest in buying, to your sale.  From spot market advertising in local newspapers, handbills placed in the vicinity of the sale, electronic advertising utilizing our website,  e-mail campaigns to a loyal following and weekly advertisements on WPYB Radio of Benson, NC, we will inform the public about your sale.

No sales will be advertised or conducted without a signed contract between the seller and the Mouths of the South Auction Company that details mutual responsibilities.

During the Sale

The entire Mouths of the South Team is polite and works hard the day of the sale.  The clerks pay attention to make sure the accounting is done right for the seller and the auction company.  The workers working the ground do a great job assisting the auctioneers in presenting items to the bidders.  The auctioneers make sure to give everyone an opportunity to bid on an item in an effort to get a fair market price for what is being offered.

After the Sale

Monies not disbursed the day of the sale will be held in an Escrow Account pending disbursement for all expenses.  Your proceeds from the sale and a final settlement statement detailing the expenses and proceeds from the sale will be delivered to you in most cases no more than 15 days after the sale.  In no case will final settlement begreater than thirty (30) days after the sale.

For auctions done right with a reputable company you can trust, give us a call.