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Mouths of the South Auction Company NCAF 8796
Danford McLamb, NCAL 787 (919) 894-3664
Jeff Byrd, NCAL 2531, NCRBL 215405 (910) 385-8871
2324 Hobson Road – Dunn, NC

Covid 19 Auction Guidelines, Please read.

SPECIAL STATEMENT: We can start having live auctions again. Our auctions are held outside. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions all social distancing guidelines will be in place. To maintain these guidelines Please stand or sit 6 feet apart and wear your own mask, scarf, bandanna or any kind of mouth and nose covering. Please bring your own chairs. If you have been diagnosed or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid 19 or if you have recently had a temperature, felt sick in any way please stay at home.

Our customers, staff and our families safety are of the utmost importance.
We are glad to be able to open back up and we want you to help us remain that way.

*Our prayers for everyone to stay safe and healthy*
~Your support to Mouths of the South Auction Company has always been appreciated~

Thank you, Jeff Byrd, Danford McLamb and Brian Lee